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                        Haining Zhengda Textile CO., Ltd.

                        Add: Hongbaolu, Qianjiang Industrial
                        Park, Haining, China
                        Contact: Zhu Yuexiang

                        About us

                        Haining Zhengda Textile CO., Ltd. is a professional production of spring and summer, spring and summer special knitting yarn mercerizing, union set product development, production of integrated enterprise, the company is located in Zhejiang province Haining Qianjiang industrial park.
                        The company has CNC long, short fiber twisting machine; CNC winder; high speed computer off the wire machine; NC into tube machine; temperature control yarn forming machine; CNC liquefied gas singeing machine; 32 pin, 36 pin single knitting machine, double-sided, single-sided, single-sided machine jacquard mesh jacquard machine; cloth decatizing machine; inspection cloth; open test coiling machine and other advanced equipment.
                        The professional integrity of the production process is greatly guarantee the company to high-quality products.
                        The company all staff warmly welcome new and old customers to visit, guide, negotiate and cooperate company!

                        ProductsFabrics  Single side plain weave fa Mercerized bead Mercerized double color pi Mercerized bright silk lac  Knitting yarn